The wonderful KDE community...

What does it take to join KDE development?

Delicious Food?

Wonders of Nature?

Or meditation?

In case you wonder what these images are, I finally got around to upload my pictures from the KDE PIM developer meeting which took place Achtmaal, the Netherlands, two weeks ago. I put the full gallery here, thanks to the kind Fruit Salad crew for providing me web space without the bandwidth worries of my own ADSL.

If you feel left out and also want to enjoy the pleasures of being a KDE developer, why not join the community?

Google has a wonderful incentive for students all over the world to join open source development called Google's Summer of Code that is just waiting for you to submit the abstract of your first addition to KDE!

So far the promo-talk. However, despite being half-joking, the message is real: if you like KDE (and you do, or you wouldn't bother reading the developer blogs :)), why not help us out and become part of the community? We can always use talented artists, documentation writers, developers, marketeers and testers.

Take a look at the KDE Developer's Corner and start contributing! I for one am looking forward to seeing your part of this wonderful desktop in action. And perhaps next time you will be the one spinning the wheel. ;-)