Apple on Intel x86?

I am 2 parts intrigued, 3 parts baffled, and 5 parts just plain gobsmacked by the breaking news that Apple will be switching to Intel processors. The times, they are a chang'in! Questions...

Does this mean that Apple will be releasing Mac OSX for non-Apple manufactured hardware? If so, what will be Microsoft's reaction? Hell, what will be KDE's reaction?

And what in the hell is Apple thinking switching to x86 when this is coming down the pipe??!! Talk about a little late to the x86 bandwagon...


That is pretty baffling. Obviously IBM will be like "too bad so sad, lets go make n dollars on game consoles, where n is a number approaching infinity." But, like you say, why now when IBM's processors are starting to look so cool.

Guess it means if/when I get a laptop, no reason to get an Apple.

By [email protected] at Sat, 06/04/2005 - 02:35

There have always been these rumours. I remember a hullabaloo back around 2001 when Mac OS X was just getting started and there was a rumour they had it up and running on x86 then.

Until Apple actually anounces something I wouldn't pay any real attention. Remember that a lot of people make money and headlines from this sort of thing, and luminaries like Rob Enderle have been probing it for years.

By segedunum at Sat, 06/04/2005 - 07:10