More KDE4 stuff

kde 4 quick porting went on, people are working to get kdelibs in better shape, kdebase follows. Still lots of problems are around, as
many layouting stuff is broken, ioslaves still have problems and so on, but at least you can see the progress ;)

more screenshots around at, like more up to date kate shots and a kcontrol screenie, only few modules there
already compile.


Current state of this masterpiece .... a bit reminds me early stage of kdelibs/win32 :)

I wish I could get more time to play with the port - could be easier if TT wanted to sponsor at least my coffee :) - for now it's their interest to have KDE ported quickly enough, to have great selling point.

For me, I hope we can develop better menu/toolbar items handling to avoid flickering (or Qt4 gives that for free? don't know) in dynamic "many, switchable XML GUI clients" mode (e.g. look at Kexi, and its shared actions, to get the idea).

By Jarosław Staniek at Fri, 05/20/2005 - 18:47

no, atm, the toolbars still flicker if I switch documents in kateapp, but I guess this should be done in kdelibs, to disable updates while parts are removed/pluged in, this shouldn't be that hard, I guess

By cullmann at Sun, 05/22/2005 - 16:25

y, Matthias Ettrich kindly pointed out that:

In Qt 4, QWidget::setUpdatesEnabled() works recursively 
and goes to great length in order to avoid flickering.


 ... change gui completely
 w->window()->setUpdatesEnabled(true); // Qt will do the repaint, flicker free

As long as none of the widgets defines Qt::WA_PaintOnScreen 
but uses Qt's builtin double buffer, things will not flicker 
when doing this.

Note that some Qt3Support widgets (like Q3Frame and its 
subclasses, and Q3MainWindow) disable the double buffer for
compatibility. But the Qt 4 classes work fine.

By Jarosław Staniek at Sun, 05/22/2005 - 17:00