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Qt 4 Work

Wednesday, 18 May 2005  |  rich

Some progress has been made on the Qt 4 front this week. I've implemented a simple QHttp based version of XMLHttpRequest that will ultimately be bound to KJSEmbed/Qt4. This will mean that the scripts will be able to access web based XML services such as news feeds, weather reports etc. I've now also got a working build environment to begin helping with the kdelibs porting effort.

A couple of hints for getting Qt 4 working with the KDE 4 branch:

  • After building Qt in debug mode you need to symlink all the libs to for the kdelibs configure to find them.
  • You need to use the version of unsermake that is in the KDE 4 branch (and also use qt-copy) for things to work properly.

The end result is a nice kdelibs that doesn't build. :-)