OpenUsability-Booth -> Preparations for the German LinuxTag

With our project OpenUsability, we (1) will provide a booth at the LinuxTag in Karlsruhe/Germany, June 22. to 25. As usability people, it is our mission to make things more usable and to put a smile on each (inter)face. Therefore, we are also planning to make the LinuxTag a 'better place': On our booth, we will have sofas, free coffee, tea, and other drinks, possibly some relaxing music.... :)

But of course we'll also offer a more informative program:

- Live Usability-Testing
- On-the-fly Usability Support
- Info materials
- Discussion panel on Friday, 6/24, 13.00, room 2.08: Ways of integrating usability with OS Projects.

You are very welcome to visit us - whenever you are fed up with the fair and conference noise... :)

(1) 'We' are janushead, tina, holehan, bjoern and me.