/., usability and the craziness of the world

Tx to a slashdot article about KDE and OpenUsability, I am really confused, perhaps sad. It was the discussion afterwards. I did not know that the world is devided into Gnome and KDE. But if I read (some of) the comments, I get the impression. True, the idea for the OpenUsability project came out of discussions during Nove Hrady two years ago, and many KDE projects do like it and use it, and the OU project learned a lot about potential workflows and how to ease cooperation from it. But, and let me quote: "Now getting usability expert on board to solve these issues sure is the right way and if KDE 3.4 is anything to judge from, there are great things to come for KDE." Hello? Again, anyone who produces free software can and should make use of OpenUsability.


i really enjoyed the article, Jan. i think it's great for KDE, great for OpenUsability, great for your personal enterprise and great for KDE PIM.

but pay no heed to the slashbots. most of them operate without clue and few are of real consequence when it comes to OpenUsability =) if you worry about them too much, you'll just get ulcers. in fact, i think that's the intention of some of them ;)

IME, one is best served by taking the publicity as a blessing and taking the peanut gallery at places like /. very lightly.

By Aaron J. Seigo at Fri, 05/13/2005 - 17:14

Wow, what a strange thing to happen. Imagine my surprise browsing and seeing some comment I made on /. yesterday as an AC, that was meant as nothing but a compliment to the KDE project, quoted as something that apparently shows the craziness of the world and something that saddens someone from

I don't really know what made you misunderstand what I wanted to say, maybe it's due to me not being a native speaker, but let me assure you that you did get it totally wrong. It was neither my intention to imply that OpenUsabity only works with KDE, nor was it in any way my intention to bash GNOME or anything else. All I wanted to do is compliment KDE for focusing in usability.

Hope this clears things up a bit.

By ralph at Fri, 05/13/2005 - 19:25

Slashdot is a strange forum; with account numbers of 7 digits its definitely the most popular; and you should know that with many voices come lots of complaints. Thats natural and you should expect that. If you don't get any complaints; then you can be sure something is wrong :)

Whats also nice about slashdot is if you wait a day or so the moderators make the voice of the majority heard if you read it threaded with a threshold of 1.
Following the link now; I see mostly good ratings of both openusability and various (non kde) open source projects.

So; ignore the ignorance in the world. You can't teach those that don't want to learn anyway and take pride from the results you did get. Remember: the article /. links to makes clear that openusability (and that means Relevantive and thus you) are a good thing.

Good weekend!

By Thomas Zander at Fri, 05/13/2005 - 20:06

Hi Ralph,
it wasn't meant as an complain about your comment. I appreciate every positive reaction on usability in open source, and of course in KDE. I do not like flame wars because it is just a ridiculous waste of resources. As Thomas pointed out, the reaction on the ./ was not that bad after all, so I should be happy ;-)

By Jan Muehlig at Sat, 05/14/2005 - 11:00