The strange KDE vacations ever...

Well... This year i intended to take vacations at mom's house, in a beatifull place called Florianópolis..
I scheduled my vacations to april, 3 and i was thinking that everything would go smooth until the week before arrived !!
So, i was invited for 3 KDE, Desktop and Qt talks in this month. Ok, i thought, it's just 3.
But ( always have a but ), i didn't imagine what's coming next..
Here's the itinerary:

  • Start-> Curitiba-PR ( ground 0 ) - First day of vacation - total km: 0 km
  • 8,9 April -> Belo Horizonte-MG ( 844 km from Curitiba ) - total km: 844 km.

    This is the first event. I did a KDE presentation on opening and a KDE and Desktop trends on a 2 hours tutorial.
    Back to Curitiba. total km: 1688
  • 11 April -> Florianópolis-SC ( 300 km from Curitiba ) Mom's house. Everything was in a vacation mood ( florianópolis is an island with 44 beaches and some paradisiac places ) until a personal friend asked me to go in an event at a computer technical school. So, there goes Helio doing the same talk of Minas TWICE !! on same day, for two different groups. Preety cool as i saw lot of interested new guys on open source.
    total km: 1144
  • 18,19 April -> Belém-PA ( 2878 km from Florianopolis )

    These was a huge event o the other side of country, a completly and amazing diferent culture. Belém scity is the famous place of Pará Nuts and is on the border of Amazon forest. I did a KDE tutorial and a Desktop talk for 400 persons.. The whole place and city worth every mile ( and is a lot ) of travel.
    Can you imagine a italian like icecream place with some like 50 flavors, and the only knowed was Vanilla and Chocolat ? The made hiquality icecream with all native fruits from amazon forest.
    Time to back to mom's house.
    total km: 6900
  • Curitiba 23/4 I intended to take last week on my house in Curitiba, so i back and was invited by a external GIS project manager to go to INPE ( Space Research Intitute in Brazil ) at São José dos Campos on 28.
    Total km: 7200
  • São José dos Campos ( 450 km from Curitiba ) The interesting part about been in a place surrounded of Msc and Phd guys is about see how amazing a task can be solved for great minds. After some meetings, discovered that they use and love Qt there, i received som complains about kdevelop which i detected and can be easily solved. They tried use kdevelop on their projects: and and because using a buggy kdevelop version, switched to eclipse. I will try address the problem for him later..
    Back to Curitiba to take the flight to last event...
    Total Km: 8100
  • Belo Horizonte-MG 30/04 01/05 ( 844 from Curitiba) - The brazilian LinuxChix event. This event is special, since they are a relaxed and specifically technical event and we have a lot of smart girls around. I did a brief 1 hour presentation of Qt4, and i was amazing that in certain moment i really looked like a salesperson in a matter of speak :-) ... The vibe was good, the usual saturday party was huge ( as the hangover. ) Pics:
    Total km: 9800 !!!!!!!!

    So, almost 10000 km just inside Brazil talking about KDE. Was phisically cansative of course, but this vacations made exactly what i need, take some time having fun with KDE, even not coding, but spreading the word. And almost no stress :-)
    Hope next one be some like this
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    Good to see that Konqi is also making nice friends.

    By at Tue, 05/03/2005 - 21:08