The even more integrated desktop

Since Licq got integrated with the rest of the KDE desktop using KIMIface (nice work Kevin), it's inspired me to make a couple more changes to improve our integration. Now it's easier to link IM contacts with people in your address book, and you can use your calendar to switch your IM presence.

Firstly I improved the Export Contacts feature in Kopete so that it now exports email addresses, phone numbers and contact photos when it creates addressbook entries for selected contacts in the list.
Additionally, I hacked together a new Kopete plugin at the weekend, that can automatically set you Away when you have an appointment in your addressbook:
I've just committed it in kdeplayground-network for the moment, as it's still very alpha - the config UI doesn't work yet, and no-time-associated events are ignored.

I might yet see if changing status can be made a KIMIface function while preserving BIC, that way we would retain the loose coupling and Kontact could switch all KIMIfaces together (no Kopete plugin needed) but that would require it or Korganizer to be running. Hmm, unless I get my hands on Korgac...


This feature looks neat. But wouldn't it be nice to also have an option for "set description only"? It would be useful when you have Kopete set to auto-away when you leave your computer. That way it wouldn't set you away if you didn't actually leave your computer to go attend the appointment, but if you did leave it would still tell people where you went.

By james at Mon, 04/25/2005 - 15:26

Oh! That is something I'd like to see integrated in KDE. Wow! Good idea!

By Ruurd Pels at Mon, 04/25/2005 - 15:27

Nice idea Will!

While it might not be possible to extend KIMIface due to BIC, we could create an additional interface.

Like KTextEditor has several interfaces for different kind of features.

The interfaces should be consolidated in KDE4, but IMHO we need as much experience and use cases as possible before designing the KDE4 ones.

By krake at Mon, 04/25/2005 - 17:46

This is a really cool feature and exactly the sort of thing I was hoping to see from an integrated IM client. Congrats!

It makes sense for no-time-associated events to be ignored, I think it should remain that way. And the improved Export Contacts feature resolves a wish I filed on bugs.kde.org.

By Nick Matteo at Mon, 04/25/2005 - 19:53