Wikipedia for everyone; More Internet for me

So i have toyed around with Qt4, which led to a small application called "Knowledge" (Screenshots: 1, 2, 3). Once it's grown up, Knowledge is supposed to become a Wikipedia offline reader. Right now I need to find a good indexer and an easy way to generate HTML from Wiki markup (which is not trivial, since this also requires a TeX parser and a parser for special metadata, i.e. for drawing timelines). I'll probably hack up MediaWiki to work as a preprocessor (which I already started with, but it's a all a big mess right now)

The second limitation is QTextBrowser: It's nice for enrichted text, but it's still fairly buggy and even once this is fixed, I really need a proper browser at the end of the day with whistles and bells. Maybe this will motivate me to help porting KHTML once we're getting there.

The indexer part is harder. There is CLucene, but it refuses to link properly and I haven't found enough time to tackle this. Even the examples fail to link. Doesn't anyone use that stuff?

In other news, I will soon enjoy the power of a 2 MBit/s ADSL line. The new contract is even significantly cheaper than the old one, which only allowed 1 MBit/s. I could now even go up to 3 MBit/s, but that's overkill most of the time, and would cost slightly more. Let's see how long it takes until T-Online regrets this offer :).


If I read correctly this is the price for this special flat rate contract. Well, that's enormous and I envy you. ;-) Here I have ~128KBit/s, with 30 hours/month for 35USD. A better offer, and the only that claims to reach 2Mbit/s maximum (nothing is guaranteed) is 46USD/month with 100hours/month limit. The good about them is that they are trough mobile phone/devices. Bad is that the second offer doesn't work in the area where I live.
Other "good" solutions is about 128-256Kbit/s through cable in some areas of some cities, most of them with traffic limits between 5-50EUR/month.
DSL is simply not offered anywhere in the country unless you buy an expensive leased line and put two DSL modems on the end of it.
And we are heading towards the EU... I wonder if DSL is available in Greece, because the nation telecom company is in the hands of the Greece telecom (OTE) since quite some time...
OK, so this was more of a rant about the internet providers here. ;-)

By amantia at Wed, 04/20/2005 - 20:01

Hi, this is just the provider charge. The line itself is provided seperately and costs 18 Euro for 1MBits/s, 20 Euro for 2MBit/s and 25 Euro for 3MBit/s, if you take the line from T-Com. That's just for providing the physical DSL line (just like a phone line). The provider charge (10 Euro) is on top of that. So it's 30 euro here, too, and it would be 35 for 3MBit/s. But that's still not as cheap as in Sweden, where you get a 100MBit/s line for around 70 Euro (read that recently, no link available though).

By Daniel Molkentin at Wed, 04/20/2005 - 23:43

I found that still cheap. I'd be happy to get 256Kbit for that money right now... And compare to the wages there and here it is really cheap. 30 Euro here is about 25% of the average national salary.
100 MBit/s connection? Wow, that IS fast.

By amantia at Thu, 04/21/2005 - 08:22

A while ago I asked on the kde user mailing list if there was a Wikipedia offline reader (preferrably a KDE one) but only a version in an obscure lisp dialect was mentioned. Now there will be one for KDE, that's great. It seems every idea that has merit will sooner or later be implemented and find its way onto the KDE desktop. :)

You're talking about using MediaWiki code. Has this stuff already been ported to C now? I talked to a co-developer of MediaWiki a couple of months ago and he told me they were going to do that as the used wiki parser implementation (I guess it was in PHP) had proven to be a bottleneck.

BTW: It seems Mandrake is planning something along those lines, too. They want to release a version on DVD. Maybe they'd support your effort?

See Wikimedia_and_Mandrakesoft... I don't know how up-to-date that page is though, it looked mostly the same half a year ago.

By christian mueller at Thu, 04/21/2005 - 00:07

You can find a half-finished MediaWikiCode-to-XML parser in the MediaWiki CVS flexbisonparse module, if you're not scared of a BISON :-)

Or, you can have a look at my latest experiment, a PHP-based pseudo-parser, also converting MediaWiki code into XML, at


By magnus manske at Thu, 04/21/2005 - 14:23