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KDE Everywhere

Sunday, 27 March 2005  |  cornelius schumacher

KDE is used all over the world. We have a truly international community. Our desktop is translated to 79 languages. KDE is everywhere.

To express this better I thought it would be nice to put our beautiful new logo on a voyage throughout the world. The first stop is Berlin. Here is a sneak-peak. The full set can be found on kde-look. By the way, all photos are real.

Now it's your turn. We need your help to continue the voyage of our logo. Are you in New York, Paris, Rio de Janeiro? Can you get to the Chinese Wall, Ayers Rock or Mont Blanc? Do you live at another interesting place? Take the KDE logo with you and take a picture. It's simple, you just have to print it (click here and press "Print" in your browser), get your digital camera, find an interesting place and submit the picture to kde-look under the "KDE Everywhere" category. If you have a particular interesting place in mind and can't print the logo yourself, contact me and I will send you the KDE Everywhere kit, consisting of a laminated printout of the icon and a powerstrip.

I'm looking forward to your submissions. Let's get out and show the world that KDE is everywhere!