dataKiosk release, la, la la

I just released v. 0.6 of dataKiosk. The major changes include editing support via a new configurable form. It also has some handy new editor widgets that are factory created depending upon the field's type. The new widgets include a MS Access alike combo table dropdown foreign key relation editor. For those of you who are interested you can check out the new extragear homepage for screenshots and/or grab the 0.6 release bzip2 tar.


The Flash demos looks really good. Now I need to upgrade to KDE 3.4, since it seems to require it...

By [email protected] at Wed, 03/16/2005 - 22:54

Ah, we already have quite a few of data-aware widgets within KexiWidgets. What about joining forces? Time is against us - we're developing the same sets of data widgets almost in parallel. Later this could be more harmful. Just a suggestion.

By Jarosław Staniek at Sat, 03/19/2005 - 13:49