Get your Hot New Emoticons

Everyone else is doing it so why can't we? Today Kopete jumped on the Hot New Stuff bandwagon by letting users fetch and install new emoticon themes from the Configure dialog.

Implementing this was incredibly easy - only 8 lines of code - and since KMail, Kopete and Konversation share the same emoticon themes, the other apps will be able to use the new emoticons too.

I talked to Frank Karlitschek of about it, and we will soon be able to fetch themes from there.

Next up, rinse and repeat for chatwindow styles.


Nice. I emailed about this and got no reply, but that was back before we shared the same themes.
Finding a place to host the themes was the only thing stopping me implementing this for konversation. Let me know when you get a kde-look area please :)

By John Tapsell at Sun, 03/13/2005 - 03:49

Very good!
I love all those GetHotNewStuff interfaces...

However, the interface seems quite generic and not so integrated!

You end with a dialog that contains a left list of... ONE icon.
* Could this dialog (only the HotNewStuff) be integrated in a "Configure AppName" dialog? This would be more integrated.
* Or could you drop the left iconlist (as you need a separated dialog)? Again: that would be more integrated.

Are the tabs really needed? That clutters the interface.
* Could it be possible to have only one listview with the folloxing columns:
Name | Version | Rating | Downloads | Date
And clicking on the column header would sort the list!
Would be more consistent with ANY listview in KDE.

What about if I have MyEmots 0.9 installed and MyEmts 1.0 is then released?
* Is there two entries, one for the installed and another or the "to be instaled"?

What about using a derivated interface of ? Is it forseen for KDE 4.0?

Anyway, I love this stuff even if the interface is not so perfect that's already very useful.

By sebien at Tue, 03/15/2005 - 23:18

* I think that reworked interface from Aaron is on its way. I hope he reads your comments...

* The current KNewStuff DownloadDialog uses the release date of an item to tell if a new version is available. If you already had the old version installed, the new version has a clock icon next to it, instead of the tick icon, to show it's installed but a newer version is there.

By Will Stephenson at Wed, 03/16/2005 - 13:51