What I learned at LWE

Presenting KDE as an exhibitor at LWE is an interesting experience. I've learned a couple tricks that make things more interesting, both for me and for booth visitors:

  • Keep the screens moving. We are using konq's autoscroll feature and Lubos is setting up a dcop script to set the anchor to the top every minute to keep it from scrolling to the bottom. Users think this is very cool and it is :)
  • Don't just take questions to start. The booth visitors don't usually come to us with specific questions... rather, they want to see what is coming in the latest KDE. That is, if they are familiar with KDE (or Linux for that matter) at all.
  • Along those lines, I'm ask booth visitors if they want to play a game of "Did you know KDE can do this?" Examples:
  • Did you know KDE can select and copy text and images from KPDF?
  • Did you know you can subscribe and read your news from with Kontact via our new RSS feed tool, akregator?
  • Did you know Konq can autoscroll, letting you read your news while you drink your coffee?
  • Did you know you can rip your audiocd in real time and across the network with simple drag'n drop from Konq?

I think KPDF gets the biggest WOW factor. Several booth visitors have said that they were sold on KDE with just this feature alone. And then they donated, so they were apparently serious :)

Generally, users like all of the new features and seem genuinely surprised and excited when presented with cool things they never knew existed had been in their KDE the whole time.

And it's not just booth visitors. I confess, I didn't know Konq could autoscroll until yesterday when Chris showed me :)


Ok, did you intentionally decide to torture us by telling about the cool Konq scroll feature WITHOU actually telling us how to do it? Common man... help me out?


By Bobby at Thu, 02/17/2005 - 18:35

Scroll down = Shift+down arrow
Scroll up = Shift+up arrow
Pause = Shift
UnPause = Shift

You can also adjust the speed with the Shift+down arrow/up arrow combinations. Cheers.

By Adam Treat at Thu, 02/17/2005 - 18:39

and the nice thing is: you can still use pg-up and pgdown, and scrol with the mouse!

By superstoned at Thu, 02/17/2005 - 19:01

A few years back (2002 as I recall) I wrote a quick DCOP script at LinuxTag to cycle through raising the main windows of whatever was open at the time in 30 second intervals that seemed to be something of an eyecatcher.

By Scott Wheeler at Thu, 02/17/2005 - 21:33

oh thanks for mentioning akregator there =)

-- keep in touch. berkus.

By Stanislav Karchebny at Fri, 02/18/2005 - 01:14