Ain't it pretty?

Over the last week and this weekend I've finally gotten around to making good on my promise to implement as much as possible of the suggestions in the excellent usability analysis of KMail's folder properties handling done by the OpenUsability.org (http://www.openusability.org) team. They've (again) done an outstanding job of analysing the weaknesses in the old interface and coming up with very clean and nice replacements. I love that about the Relevantive people, they don't just complain, they make suggestions how do improve things, and they explain their suggestions, so we can make an informed decision, and present them in a highly professional and digestable way. Have a look at the cleaned up folder RMB menu, for example:

You can now move folders around the same way you move messages around, right from the RMB menu via a cascading menu (Carsten implemented that, btw.). Often used entries are towards the top. The folder creation dialog has been massively simplified, we no longer use the big properties dialog for that.

Much better. The expiry settings have moved to their own dialog, which has also been simplified quite a bit:

And finally, here's the one I like most, the massively cleaned up folder properties dialog itself. Compare it with the old one, if you have the stomach for it. :)

Overall I'm very happy with the way this has turned out, and I hope these changes, along with Cornelius' excellent composer and address picker changes, make KMail a bit less overwhelming for new and casual users.


Those improvements are indeed very nice. Smooth-looking stuff! Will they be included in KDE 3.4, or shall we have to wait a little bit more?

Thanks. :)

By [email protected] at Sun, 02/06/2005 - 23:56

They'll be in 3.4.

By Till Adam at Mon, 02/07/2005 - 07:40