Kontact: Eyecandy / Exchange

Today, I finished two the new intro screen that was fairly overdue already. It's meant to look fancy and be useful (to a certain extend at least ;)

In other news I finally committed the new exchange wizard with hopefully all relevant strings. I'll be working on it tomorrow to make sure to have something working for the final release. Right now it simply does nothing, so noone is gets hurt, just a bit disappointed maybe.

That said, Exchange is Groupware Server Number five that is going to be officially supported, although it still way to go until maturity. OpenGroupware.org is next I guess.

I'll send out a list with known and critical issue to the list tomorrow, I really need to investigate the reason for the toolbar mess in Kontact that happens semi-randomly. But now it's time for me to go bed, have a good night/day/whatever.


Hello! Nice work.

This may be an unmotivated concern, but let me explain a question I have about this (just based on the screen shot).

To a newbie user, it may be scary to click the "Skip this introduction" link. What if he needs any of the functions provided on the introduction screen later -- in particular the "Configure Kontact as a Groupware Client" one, which he will likely not understand initially? Some users might still have the introduction screen displayed after years of use.

I myself is reluctant to check "Don't ask again" type boxes, unless I feel certain there is a way to change my mind later. (Sometimes there isn't!)

So, may I suggest two additions? One text that reads something like "You may also access the above functions from the 'Help' and 'Settings' menus, respectively." And one that says; "You may re-enable the introduction screen later by selecting it in the 'Kontact settings'"

This way no user need be afraid to skip the introduction.

/ Martin

By martin at Thu, 02/03/2005 - 10:29

Good idea, but just some hours too late for 3.4. Now we are in string freeze, so this has to wait.

By Daniel Molkentin at Thu, 02/03/2005 - 18:27