It's seem that audio subsystem and application developer all want neat and advanced features and effect and it's good when you are able to play the song!
I don't fucking care about fade in or fad out ... I just want to play my fuckings files!!!!! Can we have something simple that work 100% of the time?
I think I will go buy an old P2 -400 put a big ass hardrive copy all my music over and install BeOS on it and use it to play my music
because the currents linux offering SUCKS but REALLY SUCKS!!!


Ever since I moved to amaroK + Xine engine, I don't have problems with sound anymore. Not that Juk + aRts was really bad, but amaroK uses way less CPU, and that's very important for me, as I own an old K6-2 533 MHz...

I've also heard nice things about JuK and the new aKode backend, though I haven't tried it yet.
Henrique Pinto

By Henrique Pinto at Fri, 01/21/2005 - 23:27