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jaj, i managed to make a new design for my personal website:
i really miss my headphones: the bright sound the clear bass etc. today my gf borrowed me her earphones it's really nice to have some music in the morning but they are not even a small substitute. btw: mine are in service for nearly 2 MONTHS now! stupid sony.
i'm going to school for 13 years now. as most of you already finished it is it the 13th year or the last year which makes you think that you should quite school just before graduating. i'm really annoyed by the way all the sutff worked. and even more annoyed that i spent so much time there while not learning to much.


I think I know what do you feel :) I finished my high school last june, and the days after the mark was published were some of the happier since always.
I could forgot all the professor trying to make us learn how to write a little more than an hello world, or lab techs which tell us to 'study' protocols from RFC when more than half of the class didn't know what a network is...

But.. this was only the end of the start ^^
Two months and I was at university where, at the end, the problems are the same -_-;
Professors which are stuck with C pre-standard (K&R with suggested indentation of 1 space...) , techs which doesn't know how to attach a laptop to the beamer, and so on.

I hope that at your place the things are better, but currently here in italy, most of the students in computer science univeristies are from non-technical schools, where the hours accounted for computer science are used to teach Word and Excel, brr. Anyway, I'm lucky I had not to get into the new schools they are designing, where there's less hours accounted for programming languages (also in technical schools), and more for office applications (why on this earth a developer should learn office applications? :' ).

Just keep on going, and good luck for the end of the start ^^

By Diego Elio Pettenò at Sat, 12/18/2004 - 02:17