"Now Playing" Bar in JuK

So, with some of the new stuff for displaying cover art, I was inspired to hack out a "now playing" bar. I suppose a picture is worth a thousand words, so here goes:

The links for the artist and album will eventually go to a filtered playlist. Clicking on the image pops up the full sized image. There's also a short history there which again, eventually will link back to the previously played items.

The stuff was written so that more things can be added and so that they potentially can be switched out. We'll see how motivated I am to work on such in the near future, but this isn't bad for a night of hacking.


heey, nice work man. juk really gets better this way... this is really one of the things in amarok I realy like, I am now switching between amarok and juk - I prefer amarok (slightly - because of features like this), my girlfriend wants juk (because it has a great interface) :D

By superstoned at Wed, 11/10/2004 - 10:22

That looks really nice.

A feature I thought missing is this: "Remove the current song from the current playlist" -- so I can remove bad songs very fast without having to open juk at all!

So how to do this? There is not such a function, so I took a look at juk's dcop interface and got this:
TRACK=`dcop juk Player trackProperty Path`
LIST=`dcop juk Collection playlist`
# remove track and play next one
dcop juk Collection removeTrack $LIST "$TRACK"
dcop juk Player forward

I added a global shortcut using KHotKeys and bound this small script to it.

It works pretty well and I'm happy again :)

By Dominik at Wed, 11/10/2004 - 17:29

Some Other Media Players (tm) show "now playing" in the "window list" bar. the way terminal apps show pwd

By ldillon at Mon, 11/15/2004 - 21:58