Hidden minicli feature of the week: Guess what...

Today I was told by a friend that minicli contains a... calculator. Just press Alt+F2 and type e.g. 23-5. Then press enter. Seems like there were alterantives to kcalc that predate the current calcualtor war. Now: anyone willing to implement a solver for differential equations? ;-)


Why a war about calculator ?
Why not trying to give a Maple / Mathematica soft to KDE with all this energy ?

As this comments say http://dot.kde.org/1096309744/1096317072/1096343897/ http://dot.kde.org/1096309744/1096360845/ , algebra engine already exist. A good KDE front-end is missing but somebody is working on it http://kprayertime.sourceforge.net/shots/kmaxima.png
Help him instead of coding gui to bc, perl or python ;)

By Franck at Wed, 10/06/2004 - 20:18