new computer

This weekend after wanting to have one for about a year, I finally got a laptop (iBook G4 12").

and my first reaction is WOW what a nice piece of hardware... after playing with macosx for about 45 minutes, the call of Linux was starting to be too strong ...

So i decided to install gentoo, after sometime (ok I cheated I installed from stage3), i got a working KDE system ... and it's fast and stable ...


Ya know, I bought an iBook G4 12" last year as well, and decided to stick with OS X. I still got KDE, however, thanks to Apple X11 and Fink, which is a port of the Debian toolset/packages to OS X:

Basically, I have KDE/X11 windows happily running side by side with the OS X apps.

By eike hein at Tue, 09/21/2004 - 05:01