Oh, I almost forgot. I sat down yesterday night and played a little bit with Cairo. It does have quite a nice API. A full example is at . It's a pure Qt application. You don't need KDE to compile it. It shows how to use Cairo API natively from a QWidget:: paintEvent (you may need to adjust the library paths in the file).


s/\/opt\/qt/\$\(QTDIR\)g in Makefile, and it will compile on any system with QT ;)

By Grzegorz Jaƛkiewicz at Wed, 09/15/2004 - 17:54

Nah, not really. It makes no difference because it still depends on Cairo which people have installed in different places and will have to adjust the paths either way. I could of course use pkg-config but I have Cairo installed in a location which I don't want permenantly in my PKG_CONFIG_PATH so I put the paths by hands.
Oh, and btw, it's Qt not QT :)

By zack rusin at Wed, 09/15/2004 - 23:47