To build, or not to build, that's a kdepim question

I thought this would be a good moment to blog. So you ask .. why? Well, I began rebuilding kde from scratch, and I reached to kdepim. Yes, you guessed. I spent the last 2 hours fixing the build, and still haven't fixed it :) First it was unsermake problem, now kconfigs don't build, dirs don't get build in the right order... So I got no e-mail, no konvi, addressbooks ... to sum it up, I'm un-PIMized, disconnected from the rest of the world

Of course, while fixing this I delayed building the rest of packages, and that includes kdevelop, which limits my ability to code on keepit. Kate is nice, but it won't help as much as kdevelop. So I got nothing better to do than blogging until I fix this mess

Those guys under #kontact don't care about my comments,... so what will I do? Shall I commit my changes and say them "screw you"? Sometimes one feels like nobody cares about the golden rule "you should at least make sure it builds before you commit"


It's really not nice to be accused of not being interested in built problems. Today I have rebuilt kdepim HEAD (using unsermake 2004-08-23, kdelibs from KDE_3_3_BRANCH, srcdir != builddir) completely from scratch. And guess what. I didn't run into any problems. So, for one your accusation that we've violated the golden rule "you should at least make sure it builds before you commit

By Ingo Klöcker at Sat, 09/04/2004 - 22:38