I'm attending the whole day the KDE e.V. meeting since 10am and it's still continuing (now 5.30pm). Luckily there was a long midday break with free delicious food (four possible choices including one vegetarian) at "Blauer Engel" restaurant sponsored by IBM.

Several attendants have their notebooks in front of them and are connected to Internet via cable or wifi and while listening or sometimes talking and voting in-between doing other stuff: Some watch the reactions to the KDE 3.3 release, read email, code or blog. :-) Others are chatting about what they hear on #aKademy channel at So if you want to participate remotely (recording/streaming is still being set up) or have questions about travel, location or organization consider to join and we may be able to help immediately.

In short interesting but also exhausting - and the public 9 day program does not start until tomorrow. Let's hope everything works fine tomorrow with most attendees having been arrived and that the fun to work ratio increases.