The last months have been a busy time. Some special things like the USENIX conference, the KDE Free Qt Foundation agreement, the final phase of the KDE 3.3 release cycle or the preparations for the upcoming KDE conference aKademy took a considerable amount of my time in addition to the usual having a job and a family. But it was fun and still is.

One of the most fun things was the Linuxtag at Karlsruhe. It was great as always to meet a lot of other KDE developers but the special highlight was the dinner at the KSC Clubhaus under the label "KDinner" (we can't do it without a K, can we?) together with the Debian and GNOME people. This event was special to me because it reminded me of a great football game I watched at the stadium just next to the Clubhaus more than ten years ago. The KSC defeated the famous FC Bayern 4:2. Great atmosphere, great game and a great succes for the KSC. Unfortunately the club nowadays isn't as successfull as 1993, but some of the players are still somewhat relevant.