KasBar 3NG

I've been doing some work in the last few weeks to get Kasbar ready for the KDE 3.3 release. The code is now looking good, and doing this has given me some ideas for some major Kasbar enhancements for the next KDE release.

I've fixed the progress indicator code - you now get a progress bar just below the icon label for any progress dialog. This works even if the window is minimised. The overall effect of this is really quite cool and I've found it works really well.

I've also fixed the version indicator in the about dialog, and some minor display problems with the display of the license text. I've also fixed a problem that was reported with the positioning of the popup in some circumstances.

To make up for the dull work above, I've created a branch in which I'm working on a massively souped version of Kasbar. I've already done a lot of work reworking the drawing code and added a number of new features:

  • Kasbar can now be detached to become a floating window. This lets it be dragged to wherever the user wants.
  • Kasbar can send any window to the system tray using ksystraycmd. This should probably be moved into the taskmanager library so that it become a feature in all KDE taskbars.
  • I have a prototype of embedding the window thumbnails in the icon boxes instead of showing icons.
  • Support for custom sizes, instead of the fixed set of 3 you have in the current code.

There are a bunch of other things I plan to add including custom grouping, support for showing all the documents in MDI windows and more, but I think I've made a good start. Once I get the code into a decent state I'll make a standalone release that can be used with KDE 3.3 so people won't have to wait for the next KDE release to get these benefits.


I started sweating when we were talking a week ago about this. _very_ cool stuff.
BTW, here's an interesting problem: figuring when to update window's preview so that it's semi decent. How could a widget notify the wm that its state changed so dramatically that its taskbar preview should be updated. For example in khtmlpart, it would be when i go to a new page but not when ads change on the website I'm on right now.
With XDamage when you DamageCreate do you still get the notifications when the window is minimized? For example if I minimize news.google.com, I'd love to see the preview change automatically when it updates.
Granted this is again not perfect since a refresh doesn't necesarily mean the page changed, but even so we need offsreen pixmap for obscured windows so I'm wondering how minimized are handled.

By zack rusin at Sun, 07/25/2004 - 01:24