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While watching a very boring Tour de France remain boring yet another day, I managed to punch a small dent into the gargantuan pile of duplicate, useless, out of date and in parts plain revolting cruft that is KMail's bugzilla area. Now, I remain convinced that bugzilla is a very valuable tool and that there are in fact very important pieces of information buried in there, amidst all the smelly bits, and I also feel that we should be thankfull for each person spending the time and effort to give us feedback, but it's just so much work to keep on top of the buggers and even more work to climb back on on top everytime we've slacked off a bit and let another 100 or so reports accumulate on top of the 400 or so we managed to reduce the pile to last time. Not counting wishes.
Be that as it may, we are nearing the 3.3 release, and it'd be great to at least find those bug reports that are genuine KMail issues which are fixable before 3.3 and fix them. It would also be great to give those nice people reporting issues with the betas timely feedback, especially since the same issues tend to get reported multiple times, and often only a friendly "Thanks, we know." is required. If you think you might have an hour or two to spare and would be willing to help with that, stand up and be counted. Like, now. Drop into #kontact or mail me or the kmail-devel list.
This is your chance to finally help with the project that was Touched by Zack (TM), $GOD's own Wrapper around GPGME (TM), We put the sin back in sync, Forgotten Attachment Warner with a 50 MB Memory Footprint, the one MUA to rule them all. Yes, that's right, our very own KMail. Don't miss out on this excellent opportunity. Even cartman has recently been spotted contemplating closing a KMail bug. Lypanov has already gone through and solved all ruby related issues. Follow their lead, boys and girls, it will be much appreciated.


You should suggest that to the quality team. My opinion is that KDE has reached a level where it needs a bug squad: some people who go through bugzilla and sort out the real issues, ask for more information for real bugs, close the fixed bugs, ...

By pfremy at Thu, 07/22/2004 - 06:24