Meet Dr. Klash

I bet everyone running a development version has at least once met Dr. Konqi - but do you know his colleague Dr. Klash? How could I, you ask? He is sleeping right on your hard disk within kdelibs! Dr. Klash checks for accelerator conflicts in menus and widgets. To awake him put following into ~/.kde/share/config/kdeglobals (or the config file for the application you want to test):


Now pressing F12 will show you the current accelerators conflicts and insert suggested new accelerators. With AutoCheckAccelerators enabled the dialog will popup automatically if a conflict exists and AlwaysShowCheckAccelerators can enforce the dialog to popup always.

A nice way to see such accelerators conflicts and proposals visually is the check style (kdesdk/scheck).

On a similar note, did you know that kdebugdialog has a --fullmode switch?


The problem is that it sometimes suggest to put accelerators in letters that can't be an accelerator like à or è (on my locale of course that won't happen in english)

I know this is not bugs.kde.org, i'm reporting that here only because i found it curios i don't think anyone should waste any effort in make it work.

By tsdgeos at Fri, 07/16/2004 - 18:13