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Hm. So clee tells me the world wants to read my thoughts on KDE development. The thing is, I usually don't bother with thoughts of my own, I mostly just ask Zack, or David. :)
Ok, I have one thought: It seems the progress handling infrastructure and dialogs David and I did for KMail are being adopted by some of the other pim apps, namely KOrganizer and KAddressbook, which is nice, because it means we can now show cross application progress info in Kontact, for example. If you are in the mail part and KOrganizer starts downloading calender data, you'll be able to see the progres of that as if it was an operation performed by KMail. Spiffy. Zack is using it in KConfigEditor as well now, apparently, so once 3.3 is out the door I'll likely add a few missing features and make it a bit more generic so it can go into kdelibs.
KMail seems in pretty good shape for the release already, stable and all, so hopefully we'll be able to incorporate some of the usability input from the fine folks at OpenUsability.org and fix some of the remaining annoyances before the release as well.
clee, is that enough thoughts for now?


The progress handling classes are cool stuff. They really work very nicely. This will be a great addition for kdelibs.

On Linuxtag I discussed with Till that it would be nice to add some log features, so that you not only see progress, but also can have permanent entries which then show something like the last day the job was completed, so you could for example easily see when your POP accounts were retrieved the last time and similar things.

Today it occurred to me that it might also be nice to extend this to cover some error handling, so that you could also see, if and when there were errors. Maybe it could also save the problem that I had today, that starting three kio jobs targeting the same unavailable server gives three error message dialogs instead of only one. Would be nice to solve that problem in a generic way.

By Cornelius Schumacher at Fri, 07/09/2004 - 21:47