No Debian CVS packages, my usual way of staying up to date, have turned up for KDE 3.3 so I turned to Konstruct for compiling beta 1 and it's very nice. It's even nicer after adding an extra 512Megs of memory.

It did take a night and a day to compile, so this is what being a Gentoo user is like.

KDE 3.3 doesn't seem to be a massive improvement over 3.2, I'm not sure what should go on expo flyers, but I do like the new alt-tab behaviour.

What happened to the new Control Centre, wasn't that one of the objects of KDE 3.3?


It was decided to wait with the new control centre until kde 4.0

By Peter Simonsson at Fri, 07/09/2004 - 17:33

but there are some nice small improvements... I myself really like the new close button in Konsole. makes tabs more consistent across applications (eg if tabs are put on top in konsole, konqi and konsole are very similar).

but I whould love being able to use konqueror as a kind'a meta-application. like being able to drag'n'drop a konsole tab into konqi. and edit files (instead of only being able to preview them).

By superstoned at Sat, 07/10/2004 - 21:58