KJSEmbed gains momentum

A few minutes ago, I was thinking that kjsembed is picking up users less quickly than I would have expected (given how easy it is to use). In the short time between then and now I've found out about two people/projects using it that I wasn't aware of, which has cheered me up.

The first is the Kalyxo project which is aiming to improve KDE/Debian integration. It seems they're using it to write a gui for building Debian packages. Apparantly they're missing support for Process which isn't in the 3.2 release, making me very tempted to make an interim release of KJSEmbed available. The version in HEAD has much more power than the previous release, and as far as I'm aware has no particular 3.3 dependencies.

The second thing I found was a blog entry on PlanetKDE from Sandro Giessl where he talked about a script he's written in kjsembed that lets you get the pronunciation for words from the webster online dictionary. The script is pretty neat and makes good use of the features of KJSEmbed:
loading guis from .ui files, embedding KParts and support for KIO::NetAccess. The fact he found it pretty easy to use is a good sign too.

I wonder if we should have some sort of website to which people can upload useful scripts they've written, maybe a section of KDE-apps.org or something?

Anyway, it's nice to know that people are finding this code useful, and it encourages me to continue working on it. So, if you're doing something with kjsembed, even if it's just quick hacks etc. please let me know!


kjsembed is also included in kexi (on my local pipe). i have small problems with kjsembed since i don't know how to refresh code which was added/executed once. see http://www.kexi-project.org/tmp/kexijs.png to see js in a kexi editor and http://www.kexi-project.org/tmp/kexipaint.png to see js and kexi in action.
i do have to say that i like QSA's API a bit more (from what i remember) but all in all kjsembed is a really nice way of simply using scripting within a application.

By Lucijan Busch at Mon, 06/21/2004 - 08:08

We're also evaluating KJSEmbed support for amaroK. The idea is to use it as a simple means to extend the app with script plugins.

I've just commited the stuff to HEAD, but it's not yet clear how this will shape up to become useful. I have this vision of a wide range of third party extensions all over the net, users dancing in the streets, beaming with joy.

By Mark Kretschmann at Mon, 06/21/2004 - 08:16

...is that relatively few people know Javascript and probably the demographic that does isn't as much of the "solve everything with a script" crowd.

The idea is cool conceptually -- but I think it will take some time for adoption as in many cases it requires learning a new (though simple) language. As such I think it'll probably take some time -- and maybe a "killer app" or two for things to really get up to full speed.

By Scott Wheeler at Thu, 06/24/2004 - 12:55