it keeps sucking me back in!!!!

hmmm, ok, so much for not working on kopete for awhile. I was going to try to take a break, but I can't! It's like freaking quicksand, I keep getting sucked back in, so I fixed a few bugs, and now I'm better. In other news, I've kinda gotten hooked on Bitstream Vera Sans Mono. It's a cool font for editing code in. Although finding a font size that's just right with this 112 DPI screen is somewhat nerve racking. I think i'll need to play with the DPI a little bit. (ugh)


just lie back and look around you, and see what a cool app we're building. I know exactly what you mean about quicksand, despite a zillion other things that need doing, I'm going to get a custom IM accounts page for KAddressbook made this week so we can view and edit what Kopete / any other app using


puts in kabc, then a status display on the contact summary page becomes possible.

By Will Stephenson at Mon, 04/26/2004 - 09:37

I also had trouble finding good font sizes in Linux for use with a high DPI display. For me, small font sizes were too small, but increasing the font size slowly would hardly do anything at first and then suddenly cause all the lines in the font to become big and heavy; very ugly looking. Changing the X server DPI didn't help. I solved the problem by editing the Fontconfig configuration files by hand. Playing with the font hinting options can have a huge effect on the appearence of fonts. I suggest making an example KWord file with text at a bunch of different font sizes. Then open it up with different combinations of Fontconfig options (truetype, auto, or no hinting, and subpixel, regular, or no antialiasing) to see what works best for you. The fontconfig file format is documented at fontconfig.org.

If I remember correctly, the options I settled on were autohinting with regular (not subpixel) antialiasing. On a lower DPI screen this combination would probably appear blurry, but it works nicely for me at high DPI.

By james at Wed, 04/28/2004 - 22:19