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wrap up

Monday, 19 April 2004  |  aseigo

during the day i had the opportunity to chat with several interesting people. i talked briefly with a fellow who works on Mono for Ximian, which was interesting and productive. i had drinks with a couple of people from Real Media's Helix project, which was quite productive. i think there is some potential for good things to come out of that project if they manage to work out how to work with the community, which is no small feat. we talked about Open Source Q&A, working with the various Free Software projects, etc. good stuff. the sake helped fuel the conversation well past my exhaustion point ;-)

a number of people who had to watch booths or do presentations expressed their disappointment in missing the KDE presentations. i think if everyone who wanted to be there had been there it would've been uncomfortable full. as it was, there weren't many chairs available in the first two presentations, as i recall.

several LUGs asked if i could come and do a presentation for them. unfortunately i don't live on the West coast, but i told each of them that i'd be happy to do so if they could find a way to offset my travel expenses. that didn't seem to put all of them off ;-) so who knows. maybe i'll end up out there again in the not too distant future.

the drive home was long. i think i left a jacket in a small chinese restaurant in B.C. oops. i'll have to phone them today and see if they can ship it out. i didn't get to bed until 4am today, so i'm a little groggy right now. which is why i'm blogging at work ;-)

at the border coming into Canada, the border guard looked at my ID and noticed that i'm from Calgary. seeing as this was just South of Vancovuer, she said, "We don't like you people right now, do we?" Vancouver and Calgary are locked in a winner-takes-all game 7 match tonight in their first round series in the Stanley Cup. this was the skill testing question for me to get into Canada apparently: who am i rooting for? funny how to get into Canada, our border guards care most about which hockey team we're rooting for. i love this country!

the drive was otherwise beautiful, if long. we took an unexpected detour to see some nearby family members of the person who came with me. today i just want to sleep.

i'll upload my presentations tomorrow and link to them from here =)