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Icecream gets a star

Wednesday, 14 April 2004  |  cornelius schumacher

While compiling KDE once again I found some time to work a little bit on icecream and revived Frerichs star view. This is a cool thingy, especially when there are many hosts, where the 'gantt' view reaches its limits. Have a look by yourself and enjoy the hypnotic effect of looking at colored bubbles. You will perceive compilation as faster than ever before ;-)

Icecream is becoming a really great tool. It's one of my favorites right now. It even makes sense with only two or three hosts. So if your girlfriend/wife/mother/whoever has a reasonably fast computer, give it some useful work to do by installing an icecream daemon.

By the way: Scott, you should really add a scrollbar to your summary view. My screen explodes when I do a make -j20.