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Sunday, 15 February 2004  |  aseigo

i was going to be working on NX stuff today, but will do it tomorrow instead. i've been driven to work on kcontrol ideas today. i'm about to go out and get some groceries and a new water gun for my son (he broke his beloved water shoorter today and was rather disapointed by that). i also have some recycling to drop off. i'm about to take a break to do this stuff. but before i go, here's a bit of stream-of-consciousness verse to all those who like to pester me about what a shitty job i'm doing with regards to KDE's usability.

i'm sure it feels great to log on to some random spot on the web and disagree loudly and rudely with the efforts being put in by dozens of people you don't even know to make your desktop a bit nicer to use

for some reason you think that with your lack of knowing and effort and understanding that you are entitled to bitch at one of the people involved

well, you'll have to try harder because i'm certainly not stopping and i don't think anyone else is either

i wouldn't deny you the right to your disappointingly flaccid opinion but i do wish you'd voice it where nobody could hear you.


p.s. whee! now censors my potty mouth with punctuation. good for all the families who read my blog together right after the Disney Channel's movie of the week, i suppose ;-P for the rest of you, from here on out you'll just have to imagine the vulgarity of my voice.