I have only one thing to say. kde-core-devel mail: one reply - from myself, one 'good work' on IRC, one 'I don't care, go away' (hi coolo) on IRC. desktop-devel-list (GNOME) mail: seventeen replies, all up, and many 'rock on's on IRC from GNOME hackers.

That is all.


Yippee Kye Yay!

What are you looking for Daniel? KDE Developers are clued into fd.o. Most of the things you mentioned aren't anywhere ready for a release. How will you release them? Packages? Glad you are excited though. Good for you.

By Adam Treat at Wed, 01/28/2004 - 02:28

xlibs 1.0 got released, dbus has had lots of pre-1.0 releases, Cairo has released; the only thing that is not nearly ready is xserver.fd.o, which is why I flagged it as unlikely to form part of the first (couple of) platform(s).

By daniels at Thu, 01/29/2004 - 22:20

Your mail to the desktop-devel-list was great, a nice piece of unexpected but welcome information about the service you did which concerned most of the people on that list. You certainly deserve all the praises you got there for that.

Now you made your post sound like you got a lack of feedback for your work for KDE, but when searching for your email at lists.kde.org there is no single similar announcement of your work regarding KDE, maybe that's why you are lacking feedback. Do a more public self promotion about what you did and what you intend to do regarding KDE on a well frequented KDE mailing list and you will get feedback from KDE people, easy as that.

Edit: Thanks for adding a link to your mail in kde-core-devel afterward (which I consider as the wrong place btw since it's a moderated list for core developers discussing stuff about KDE core code issues, fd.o doesn't fit in there yet).

What I like to see you do is inviting all the integrative stuff (QtGTK, KIO Fuse, GTK-QT Theme Engine etc.) to your server and asking other developers to offer counterparts and/or working on desktop wide unified systems based on/inspired by the mentioned projects.

By Na at Wed, 01/28/2004 - 02:32

The link to my -c-d post was always there. I woke up this morning, saw an IRC bitchfight in my logs about 6 hours back, and came and read this. It's been a while between now and when I posted.

I couldn't think of a better place than -c-d, and Waldo explicitly told me to post there, *shrug*. Anyone's always been welcome to fd.o. Anyone. Still are.

By daniels at Thu, 01/29/2004 - 22:18

two different responses. That's to be expected. You announcing your status as fd.o release manager on k-c-d was just that, an announcement. In the mail to desktop-devel you actually talked two things that could possibly move from gnome cvs to fd.o cvs. Big difference there. Your mail on kde-core-devel got treated like any other announcement type mail that i've seen there, and you're surprised by this? If it's praise you're looking for, I'm sure you'll get more of it from us when fd.o actually releases.

However, congrats on being appointed and good luck with it. Managing releases is hard work and isn't easy either.

By mattr at Wed, 01/28/2004 - 13:07

... formed the entire difference. That was referencing a *previous* discussion and trying to get consensus on it, but what you have to realise is that most of the replies weren't even about that paragraph!

I'm not looking for praise, I'm after spontaneous 'ah, I know of a very cool app I'd like to see in the platform ...', a la d-d-l.

By daniels at Thu, 01/29/2004 - 22:21

Daniel, there _were_ a number of replies to your second mail to k-c-d including important questions. Unfortunately all the interesting questions were ignored, which was why the discussion died.

My impression reading the thread on k-c-d was that you are not interested in discussing this any further. In the meantime I read your comment about the broken mail, so very likely you didn't see the other replies.

How can people comment on an announcement about software they have never heard about, like intltool and scrollkeeper, when googling does not turn up any useful results and questions are left unanswered?

I would greatly appreciate it if you could answer the questions posted on k-c-d, because I believe they are important.

By ojschmidt at Wed, 02/04/2004 - 21:56