KHotKeys mouse gestures for download

Nothing big, I just created two importable khotkeys mouse gesture settings for download mimicking some of the Mozilla and Opera mouse gestures. Feel free to suggest and contribute more. Also a couple of Mozilla/Opera mouse gestures are not realized yet since I don't know which way a mouse gesture would ideally affect an element (ie. link, image etc.) it is hovering.


we should add the google key thinggy too... too bad there is anti-documentation for KHotkeys2. Ideally no-one will use it so we can fix it for KHotkeys3. That monolithic file is just plain silly.

I have a file here.

By Ian Reinhart Geiser at Mon, 01/26/2004 - 20:59

Too late, I'm already posting (and possibly collecting, if there will be feedback) actions that should be part of KDE3.2.1 at http://seli.webz.cz/khotkeys . Given that I yesterday realized that gestures are actually a really useful thing (why has nobody told me sooner? Just because I added support for it doesn't mean I used it :-/.), I expect others to see it similarly. BTW, if you have some complaints, like about some silly file, I suggest telling details the guy responsible for it ;-).

By Lubos Lunak at Tue, 01/27/2004 - 19:33

... but it lead nowhere ;) it wasnt until i started reading the source that i even knew who the author might have been.

I have started on a patch that will merge khotkeys files from the $KDEDIR/share/apps/khotkeys2/ directory. This might make shareing scripts much easier.

-ian reinhart geiser

By Ian Reinhart Geiser at Tue, 01/27/2004 - 23:23

KHotKeys can merge new action file both manually (import) and automatically (new actions in new KDE versions).

By Lubos Lunak at Thu, 01/29/2004 - 11:41