Winter is the time of changes. It is because I made it so. Some of you might have been taught that it's a different season, but for the sake of my argument we'll assume that I'm correct and all the others are wrong. It's like going out naked and people questioning that. Good, I'm glad you're with me on that. I was bored two days ago so I shaved my dreads. Actually I shaved my head, but I figured that it'll sound much cooler if I'll say "dreads" instead of "head".
Looking back I might have decided to do pushups or something more productive like fingerpainting, but it happened. I'd post some pictures but because my cleaning lady is sick (I think she's real sick because I haven't even seen her once. They do come with the apartments, right?) I can't find my bluetooth connector to upload some pics from my phone.
I took half an hour off today and created a homepage at my automatix.de location. On Tuesday I'm leaving for LinuxWorld Expo. Six of us is going out on Tuesday, which is rather scarry, because I have a new vector quantization algorithm for images, Geiseri his connector and kjsembed, Matthias is the ultimate source on Qt news, Mathieu is Mathieu and that's scarry in itself, Jason can't eat almost anything and Nadeem doesn't eat the stuff that Jason can eat. So we're pretty much covered on the conversation and food front. It's going to be a lot worse on Wednesday when all of us are meeting. Currently George counted 14-20 (for those less fortunate: it's not -6 in total) people.
I'd write more but I remembered that I haven't eaten anything today. The friend that used to be feeding me quit that position and I have more important things to do than eating.


I'm scarry? Zack I'm hurt in my feelings ...

By Mathieu Chouinard at Sun, 01/18/2004 - 18:43