kscd, libkcddb

working on kscd... fixed several bugs over the weekend... only several more to go =P

auditing sucks. but it's so necessary. i read over libkcddb tonight and caught several issues, including classes used in a QValueList that didn't have copy ctors or operator=s and a potential buffer underrun. kids, indexing with ints that can be negative isn't cool. anyways. auditing sucks. it's tedious, boring and not much fun. but it's just so easy to miss things in your own code, that having someone else look through it can make quite a difference.

p.s. i can't believe how expensive out-of-print boardgames are.


which one?

By Mathieu Chouinard at Tue, 12/09/2003 - 00:29

Sumarai Swords, released in 1995, discontinued a few years later. it was originally released in 1986 as Shogun, which was also discontinued a few years later. now you can only order new replacement pieces. used versions on-line seem to be going on average for US$120, though i did find one that was "only" US$60 but not in very good condition... it's a great game... not as hard as Squad Leader or Iron Ships, Wooden Men (you can pick it up as you play), but a lot more interesting than Risk or Axis and Allies.

i'm just glad i still have my copy of Titan. can't imagine what those are going for now. *googles* hrm... apparently ~US$150. =)

hrm... maybe i'll try my luck on eBay.

By Aaron J. Seigo at Tue, 12/09/2003 - 00:56