Kontact Bug Squashing Day

On Sunday we held the first Kontact Bug Squashing Day. A couple of core developers met on IRC and tried to fix some Kontact bugs. We started with 431 open bug reports (Summing up the reports of kontact, kaddressbook, kmail, knode, knotes and korganizer) and ended with 419 open bug reports. This doesn't sound too impressive, but we were able to address some of the remaining major problems, so all in all it was a success and not to forget it also was fun.

Ingo created a patch fixing the syncing problems of the KMail summary view, Tobias and me brought back the configuration dialogs of the newsticker and weather plugins and KOrganizer now doesn't have any major or more severe bugs open. In addition to that we fixed a couple of smaller things and did some cleaning up of the bug reports.

The general feeling was that we should do it again, so look out for the second Kontact Bug Squashing Day. It might be even more fun if some more people would join us on IRC.


Good job guys!! :-)

I think that bug squashing days are definitely a great idea that should probably be extended to all parts of KDE. Gentoo seems to have a great success with this.

By Christian Loose at Wed, 11/19/2003 - 09:11

I check out your website some days, but for such an active project, the website is very silent; last news: July 14, 2003.

Maybe the website is a good medium to tell the (potential) users and intrested wZZp with the project, on what places it's shown, that it's delayed, that there is a (bugsquirting) event coming, that translators/doc-writes are needed, etc.

P.s>: I understand that all effort is put into development now, i respect this.

By cies at Thu, 11/20/2003 - 11:35

i'm glad it worked out well... such online events can really be useful for both improving the software and improving the community (which in turn results in improving the software.. =)

i wanted to be there, but i ended up having to go out for the day to take care of some commitments.. =/ i'd love to make the next one!

By Aaron J. Seigo at Mon, 11/24/2003 - 05:54