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so after weeks of flakiness with our sourceforge mailing list, I finally requested a mailing list, which we have been happily using for a few weeks now. It's great!

Unfortunately, we still aren't being archived at, despite 2 emails to and one to (all of which were unanswered). Does anyone know from experience how long it takes to get listed at, and if the complete archive since the list started will be available?

CORRECTION: I had originally said I sent email to "", when in fact it was "". The KStars Blog regrets the error. Anyway, I didn't mean this to sound like a complaint; I am just seeking info on how long it usually takes, and whether or not the full archive will be available.

In other news, Ridley Scott's Sci-Fi classic "Alien" is returning to theaters this Halloween. How excellent! Director's cut, too. Woo-Hoo! :)


Unfortunately I don't know who is responsible for Perhaps you should send an email to kde-www mailing list or (which IIRC gets forwarded to kde-www).

More important than is IMHO because this page is directly linked from the KDE homepage. I think everyone with access to the WWW module should be able to add kstars mailing list for you. BTW thanks a lot for kstars which is a very nice application :-)

By mkrohn5 at Wed, 09/24/2003 - 19:23