Ensuring the future of evil

So, I've spent the last 3 days porting the Redmond KWin decoration to the new kwin_iii style API in my spare time. In case anyone actually cares, here's how it broke down by the day.

Day 1: Make it compile with the new API. Mostly search and replace. Spent maybe an hour. Didn't compile completely cleanly, so I gave up for the day.

Day 2: Attacked it again, fixing a bunch of stupid problems with actually loading the plugin and making it run without crashing KWin. Spent about half an hour. Once I got the preview to load, I was happy.

Day 3: Make it look just like the KWin-from-HEAD version to the pixel. Errors here were mostly caused by my own stupidity, but I sorted it all out eventually. Total time invested was about an hour and a half, maybe two hours, but it's tough to tell since I kept getting interrupted.

Total amount of time actually required: Somewhere around three or four hours. Yaaay! :)


Have the small things left to fix/add been done too?


- the menubar would be even more real if you’d only draw the lower part of it (and not left, right + top)

- that toolbar separators are missing, there are a few other small theme fixes that could be made and it’s perfect.

By KDE User at Sun, 09/14/2003 - 17:20