I think we've still got a lot to do.

So much to code, so little time...

I found an older .plan, and was reading through it. It's from roughly two months ago, and it has notes such as "Find all configuration pages that have a sucky UI, and make them suck less." Heh. Was I really that naive so recently?

Speaking of which, aseigo, how is that going? I mean KMail, of course. ;)

Hmmm. So the GNOME panel blogging applet thing that Seth did is pretty neat. We should steal it and use something similar in KDE. (Although preferably something with slightly less ass. Seth, your applet shows the window and then moves it! Bad form. I was sorely disappointed by that.)

I think that I can do at least a slightly better interface for a Kicker blogger applet, but we'll see. I know it won't make it into KDE 3.2, but if we ever do make a KDE 3.3, there's a chance it might be in there :) Also, I need to implement the tasklist button for Kicker as well. ::sigh::

Anyway. Asteroid is still improving, although much more slowly now. Still haven't done sliders yet. Found some annoying bugs using it with KDE 3.1. Ugh.

That's enough for now. I'll update later and let everyone know how things are going.


My girlfriend uses a rather lovely KDE blogging app to post to her livejournal.

It just needs a few tweaks to finish it off, really, and it would be superb. It may not cover all the blog APIs, but if Seth can write one that quickly, then it shouldn't be a problem to add a few more.

I'll get the name of the app from her tonight and post it here.

By KDE User at Wed, 09/10/2003 - 18:54

I guess you and your girlfriend had a fight? Would love to know the name of that app...

I've looked all over the place and haven't seen anything worthwhile in the way of a good blogging client...

By thewebdevguy at Wed, 01/07/2004 - 08:47

Their new panel, movement of special menu applets, mini calendar for clock, SVG, post it notes desktop applet, have been in KDE for a while now.

Probably the most significant features KDE does not have is HIG apps, snap to grid, text to right of icons, too bad nautilus still sucks.

Also on another note, GNOME 2.4 was just released with many improvements

Most improvements are usability, acessibility, and general polish, but there are also quite a few new features.

I am very impressed with GNOME 2.4's usability, now jsut about everything in the stock GNOME is HIG compliant and GNOME has the best documentation available on Linux thanks to SUN which constantly updates it. Come to think of it, GNOME's acessibility features and it's HIG is also thanks to SUN, SUN is pretty much the one responsible behind the great progress in usability, acessibility, documentation etc. that GNOME is making.

I really encourage KDE people to try it, not to switch, but so that we can have an idea of the competition and "borrow" good ideas like they "borrowed" from us, if nothing at least check out the awesome documentation and release notes, the best I've seen so far.

Also, KDE needs to try and get more donations, unlike GNOME it doesen't have sun to do half the work and pay the bills, it needs to encourage it's users to donate. GNOME even has a large donation suggestion on the front page.

Check it out:
Also vote for this wishlist:

By KDE User at Thu, 09/11/2003 - 03:18

Why cross-post that from the Dot? It's not terrifically relevent here. We're talking about blogging apps.

By KDE User at Thu, 09/11/2003 - 11:09