New evil widget style...

Well, I said originally that I wasn't going to release this, but the reactions have just been too funny so far to pass it up.

It's not an official release, yet, of course - I still have to implement the rendering code for the sliders and tabbars and probably a few other widgets too. But the sneak preview is out...

The new style is called Asteroid, and you can download it today from and do whatever you like with it. There's no README, it's 100% coded from the ground up (I didn't start with any other style), and it's scarily similar to the appearance of Windows 2000.

In order to connive it into building, you'll want to do a 'make -f admin/Makefile.common' from the unpacked source directory. This will generate the 'configure' script. From there on out, it's the standard ./configure && make && sudo make install routine.

Any flames are welcome. :)




By KDE User at Fri, 09/05/2003 - 10:38

looks exactly like win2k! Evil Clee!


By KDE User at Fri, 09/05/2003 - 10:52

For what reason did you do this if not for releasing?

By KDE User at Fri, 09/05/2003 - 14:39

You know, people write software all of the time just because they feel like it. :)

I got into a discussion with a friend about whether or not it was even possible, and he claimed it was impossible. So I had to prove him wrong, for one. For two, I happen to like writing styles, so this was a nice, easy, no-brainer and there was a niche to fill.

And, as far as practical reasons go - I got annoyed with using the QWindows style when I was using KDE remotely on a Win2K "workstation" at work. So I decided that I'd make KDE integrate more seamlessly, at least in the look'n'feel department.

By KDE User at Tue, 09/09/2003 - 06:27

Why don't you put this in CVS? Looks great! Very convincing.

By KDE User at Fri, 09/05/2003 - 17:39

Well, part of the problem is that we're in the middle of a feature freeze right now. :)

Another part of the problem, of course, is simply that there has been no concensus about whether or not this even belongs in KDE at all.

It has, on the other hand, been suggested to me a few times now that I may be interested in submitting this to Trolltech once it's finished, as it seems to be much more realistic/accurate than their QWindowsStyle. We'll see what happens.

By KDE User at Tue, 09/09/2003 - 06:22

Why this one? You have made very good quality decorations/themes and I think this is not even fun.

By KDE User at Fri, 09/05/2003 - 19:06

The screenshots made my blood run cold. This is indeed the personification of eevil. I don't plan on running it... unless I can slip it on a friend's machine and change the name of Konqueror to Exploder and see how long it takes them to notice what's happened. ;-)

By sequitur at Fri, 09/05/2003 - 20:01

> see how long it takes them to notice what's happened.

The second he uses a context menu ;-)

By KDE User at Mon, 09/08/2003 - 12:55

what happened to my eyes!!!

Seriously, it's pretty cool, because now I can get my mom using Linux without her even knowing, hehe

By KDE User at Fri, 09/05/2003 - 23:03