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How much I don't know about the KDE framework

Thursday, 4 September 2003  |  mattr

I've been porting the Kopete config dialogs for the plugins for the last couple of days. Man, I knew that I knew very little of what the KDE framework offers, but I had no clue. :( The stuff in kutils (The KConfigureDialog stuff) that Matthias Kretz has wrote is just plain cool. Sadly, I'm sure I've just barely touched the surface.

I've got the highlight and cryptography plugins ported and Olivier Goffart has ported the account config, which I was going to tackle next, but I'm glad he did it, since I didn't really have a clue of how to go about it. I think I've got about 5 more plugins to port, and if each one takes about an hour, then that's about 5 hours or so. Maybe I can get that done tomorrow or on Saturday. The first plugin I did (cryptography) took me about 6 hours, and the second plugin (highlight) about 3, but that's because it was late and I had a whole bunch of stupid mistakes. :(

I've got a whole lot of other things on my TODO list, but that's for a different blog.