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Kopete 0.7.1

Monday, 11 August 2003  |  mattr

I just pushed Kopete 0.7.1 out the door. YAY! :) This was definately not the way I had scheduled it, thanks to bug:62210. Kopete 0.7.0 would not have gone out if I had known about that bug. :/

So anyways, with all the Kopete releases flying out everywhere, I haven't had much time to hack. In fact, I have gotten no coding done whatsoever other than backporting other fixes. I also can't decide on what I want to start on first. One side of me says: "You should port libyahoo to use QT and KDE classes so you can get rid of this external lib crap" and the other side says "You should help mETz with the oscar stuff since he's the only devel working on it" so I'll probably decide to do both, sometime, or another. I guess i'd better read some protocol docs.

Tomorrow, I have to go get my car inspected and the registration renewed since i'm 11 days overdue on that and I don't feel like getting tickets for having an out of date inspection and registration. I think I'll take the laptop with me in case one or the other places decides to take awhile. :)