feels like forever

wow, feels like forever since i posted a blog. but i'm behind in most of my correspondence: too much is happening.

on the KDE side of life i finished up some change to the address picker in libkdepim... it seems to make a lot more sense now and be a lot more polished. Zack made a great start on it, but it needed that last 10%.. maybe it only needs that last 9% now ;-)

please try it out and bitch at me via email... speaking of which, i finally got an email! huzzah for me! aseigo at kde dot org ... and speaking of which, my name is spelled with an 'ei', not an 'ie' and sounds kind of like "psycho" (disturbingly enough). i'm sure that clears up an issue that's been burning in the minds of KDE developers everywhere. or not. ;-)

i also did a bit of a fix-up to the damned clock applet dialog. now the clock type drop down actually reflects and controls the clock type! amazing! it did teach me that kautoconfig is sorely lacking, for instance: no KConfig or KAutoConfig accessors in KAuto*, when default clicked, settings modified should be called which updates default / ok / apply buttons, poor handling of combobox items. oh well, it's only in kdecore and kdeui, right?

i also briefly changed the default from digital to plain, and promptly got an earful on IRC for doing so. explaining why i did so wasn't enough, i eventually gave up and reverted, while making some of the digital clock defaults less annoying (e.g. no pinstripe background). it can really be frustrating sometimes dealing with other developers whome i like and respect when it comes to usability changes. now, i'm not always right, i'll be the first to admit that. but it gets a bit tiring after the Nth fix to deal with the (N*M)th discussion about why it's such a damned stupid idea.

perhaps i should start including full justifications for all usability changes in my CVS logs. i'm not being fascetious, i'm serious. yes, they'd be a bit long, but then at least anyone could see WHY the changes were made. hrm... good idea, Aaron.

random thought: blogs are like talking to yourself. i guess diaries are too, but i've never kept one of those so i wouldn't really know. i've written lots of reflective stuff on a regular and timely basis, but nothing i'd call a diary.

well, on to other things... hopefully work won't be a mad rush this week; at least the folk fests are over, as fun as they are.

oh, and my football team is at the top of the table right now! huzzah for excercise!


> perhaps i should start including full justifications for all usability changes in my CVS logs.

Pointing to the corresponding kde-usability thread should be enough.

By KDE User at Mon, 08/11/2003 - 06:47

when it is possible to simply point to a thread, i will do so. however, there are at least two situations where i probably won't and will instead include long rambling CVS posts:

1) many kde-usability threads really need to be summarized to be of any use. most of the better threads (ones where some useful conclusions are arrived at) also include many dead-ends (to put it kindly, at times =), tons of repetitious discussion, and a lot of revisions. pointing to the thread will often be less than useful.

2) not all changes result from discussions on kde-usability (i know: shock, shock, horror, scream!), so there aren't any kde-usability threads to point to.

By Aaron J. Seigo at Mon, 08/11/2003 - 16:39

Aren't threads on kde-usability intended to be summarized for anyway?

By KDE User at Mon, 08/11/2003 - 17:56

Thanks for making it plain, even for a little while. It is jus stupid to se digital. Digits have been digital on watches because of technical limitations, not for usability reasons. If they designers of these early watches were able to, they would have chosen the plain style.

By KDE User at Mon, 08/11/2003 - 13:05