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fun with kio_obex

Saturday, 9 August 2003  |  geiseri

Well today was a complete waste for anything other than getting linux booting reliably on my powerbook again (dont ask) and messing with my cellphone and cvs:[kdenonbeta/kio_obex|kio_obex].

I have to say so far Im impressed. It autodetected my cellphone via IrDA and listed the contents. I could copy vCard phone numbers strait off of it into my KDE address book, and was even able to make it a directory based resource with some help. Very COOL :)

Needless to say there where some problems, it seem my phone cannot upload data because of some reason or another. It looks like a back irpacket, but I cannot decide if its the phone or the irda on my powerbook. Well see, more hacking tomorrow, but first I have to get my KPresenter slides ready for N7Y...