Arrrrrgggg 3

hmm It looks like it will soon be a regular column ;) No it's not about the palm "crappy" api but on SCO ... those stupids A**holes just made me lost a really big contract (and probably a very fun one todo ... well after wrestling with palm anything is fun ... even listening his brother-in-law monologue on philosophy and social politcs .... errr maybe not) Well now I'm pissed off andI don't know if I will have enough money for Nove Hrady (for the trip it's ok) it's after that I'm not sure.

Well I have to go


Well if its worth any amount and you have some time on your hands, find yer self a lawyer who will work for commission on a good outcome and go after SCO. Ive not lost any business from them yet, but I was told by a atturney that if I have any damages because of the case, I can sue them to put up or shut up. Now the kicker is that you have to have enough damages to make the suit worth it... now if the judge sides with IBM then you can just take a number and get in line to have you very own peice of SCO ;)

Well see, at this point Im going to stick to my KDE/Kolab stuff because that will run on OSX and Solaris which are currently free of SCO's shadow. I know we cant all wait until 2005 but maby RH's suit will speed things up.

By Ian Reinhart Geiser at Thu, 08/07/2003 - 15:40