Kopete 0.7 released

Woohoo the site is back! Good time to announce Kopete 0.7 is out of the door, even though that's probably old news for most. Except for a few upgrade issues and an ICQ password problem, the majority of things seems to be stable. However, not a very long time has passed yet and I am putting this in relation to the previous releases. :)


Yes great job! I'm liking Kopete more and more and as soon as I get off of work I'll get to try out .7 which _should_ have compiled this morning -- previous install was about a week old relative to .7 Can't wait to try out the improved jabber support since I haven't even set foot near it since the .6-ish timeframe ...

The thing I don't like about it though is still the way contacts are handled in the contact list. My context menu, last time I used it, had duplicated functionality everywhere. The toplevel context menu had actions I could take and then each context menu related to each protocol the contect fell under had literally the same actions as well. Additionally, the most often used options like "Get user info" for AIM was burried very deep :-/ I'd like to see more discussion over possible improvements to this.

Also, not to nit pick, but I was confused this morning right before work when I tried to check out the 0_7 branch. I tried KOPETE_0_7_RELEASE which has worked similarily before and is standard. I was amazed to see it was actually tagged as kopete_0_7_0_release. Just something small so you don't get yelled at if/when Kopete gets merged with the rest of KDE #17

edit: ok ... should look closer now that I think about it. 0.6 was tagged in this regard as well ... nm guess you guys are doing that for a reason?

By KDE User at Wed, 08/06/2003 - 15:17

yes, it's done for a reason. Kopete isn't an official kde release hence the lower case tags. the lower case tags are so we don't get yelled at at all. :)

By mattr at Wed, 08/06/2003 - 17:31

Found this link in the Kopete forum, it gave me some dependeny problems for and, but i killed that of with "# rpm -Uvh --nodeps kopete-0.7-1.i386.rpm". Not wanting crypto/ssl anyway.

Here you go (the easy way):

By KDE User at Wed, 08/06/2003 - 16:00

Yeah kopete may not have had the most direct path to a usable IM client, but damn its getting good. The UI needs some help in my opinion, but functionaly its getting very complete and stable. Im holding out for it to be a part of KDE 3.2 or 3.3 yet! :)

By Ian Reinhart Geiser at Wed, 08/06/2003 - 20:15