KNode in Kontact

Sunday, I woke up, there was nothing on tv, I was bored. I sat down and did something that had to be done and no one was really ready to do. KNode in Kontact. KNode definitely wasn't ready for that kind of use. It took me most of the day. About ~5000 lines of code :( A rather huge patch, which hopefully someone will feel like double checking before I'll commit it. I also went to see Tomb Raider 2 with my brother and a friend of mine and got the ".NET Framework Security" book.
In any way, hopefully someone out there will enjoy using KNode from Kontact. Not that the last two relate in any way to KNode or Kontact, but I felt like adding it ;)


How would this effect packaging for kontact/knode? KNode is in ketnetwork and the rest of kontact is in kdepim. Does it even matter?

Either way, good job! I'll probably be using this feature in the near future.

By KDE User at Wed, 08/06/2003 - 04:10

KNode is not in kdenetwork. We moved it to kdepim with KMail and a few other libraries after 3.1.

By zack rusin at Wed, 08/06/2003 - 04:41

There should be more boring stuff on your tv! :-)

By KDE User at Wed, 08/06/2003 - 05:24

Doesn't this program belong in kontact? I feel it does.. maybe knode should be integrated in kmail, but still, it should be there!

By KDE User at Wed, 08/06/2003 - 07:10